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Here are some Comments from our Coaches and Clients


It was evident from the first day to me that the training and systems used by Chrysalis Partners are World Class. The training was enjoyable and very comprehensive and gives you all the tools and systems you will ever need to become a World Class Business Coach.  Within a week or so from leaving my previous role I had secured by first client, generated from the initial marketing program included from Head Office for all new franchisees.

Manish Kapur – Chrysalis Partner (Franchisee)

A great training course – to anyone considering joining Chrysalis Partners today I would say ‘Go For It’! I found all sessions challenging and stimulating and the quality of the training and systems are excellent – I cannot wait to get started on this new chapter in my life.  My first client was generated from a Head Office supplied appointment which has given me an excellent start.

Simon Nicklin – Chrysalis Partner (Franchisee)

A great course – I found the training highlighted the amazing opportunity and challenged me no end. It soon became very clear the potential which awaits me to grow a fantastic revenue stream of my own while helping other businesses to achieve their full potential. My eyes were truly opened to the full extent of the sales and marketing process and how to break it down into manageable pieces to transform any business.

I have been on dozens of training courses over the past 25 years of being in business and Chrysalis is definitely in the top 3 – first class.

Steve Lane – Chrysalis Partner (Franchisee)

The course was absolutely amazing, I met some fantastic people and the materials are brilliant, simple to understand and easy to apply to any business. If you want to break into the Business Coaching area you should join Chrysalis Partners.

Linda St. Mart – Chrysalis Partner (Franchisee)

I worked with David Watts in his team of coaches/consultants in the past and his support and advice was exactly what I needed to grow my own consultancy business. David has an unusual blend of skills which bring out the best in the people around him.  The materials used within Chrysalis Partners are of a far higher calibre than I have seen anywhere else, making the life of the Coach and their Clients far easier.

Clive Mallard – Business Coach

David Watts gave me a great deal of support and advice when I was part of his coaching/consulting team and we remain good friends to this day – he certainly helped me focus and build by consultancy base substantially.

Tim Hackshaw – Business Coach

Working with David Watts was a very positive experience and resulted in significant revenue for the Razberi business in the UK and Europe, generating millions of dollars during the period that we worked together.

Tom Galvin – Client

I have seen first hand how working with David Watts creates explosive growth within a business and drives the sales to deliver excellent results.

Chris Peterson – Client

Our primary objective is to help to grow a business by driving both sales revenues and profitability.  We are incentivised financially to develop a business and bring the business owner the success and freedom they are looking to achieve.

Business is tough (and lonely) and as you may be aware, around 80% of all new businesses fail in the first 5 years.  This statistic looks set to continue so we felt that it was time to provide a service that can help businesses to not only cement their place in the industry, but also to thrive and differentiate against the competition.

Our prior experience helps us EXCEL in many areas including:











We offer support and guidance for growing businesses exactly when they need it the most, delving into the intricate details of the business, ensuring that any issues or areas for potential improvement are highlighted quickly. Despite the fact we work within the consulting industry, we are far from what you would traditionally expect from a ‘consultant’.

Instead, we take a key interest in each detail about every business, working with the owner to make improvements in sales and internal efficiencies and processes.  Our objective is to grow the business, make it run smoothly and improve the quality of life for the business owner(s).

The service Our COACHES provide.

A coach will work with the client to break down their business into component pieces.  Adding sales in theory is always welcome, however sales with poor margins make no sense for any business.  Furthermore, more sales when there are insufficient back end systems to cope with the additional growth can also result in disaster for businesses.  Our main goal is to take the business through the logical steps to develop the business and achieve growth in profitability and sales, both in the short and medium to long term.

A coach can work with a client for as long as the client needs us to and we have some client relationships which have stretched for many years, others much less.  We want to add value to the business and work with the client and their key personnel to gain momentum in their marketplace and free up more precious time to do what they do best.

Our processes and systems work on all businesses across all industry sectors.  Our many systems work and have been proven over and over and have been honed over many years of experience of helping businesses to grow.  Remember, we only achieve success if the business achieves success so it’s imperative that we get it right.

There are many reasons people choose to use our services, including:

Expert advice and guidance regarding business growth and expansion

A key insight into potential issues with the way the business is currently performing

Support for exactly the right amount of time

Your business remains yours – the client is always in control

Together, we can create a business the client will be delighted with, and that will bring with it the quantifiable results that can be seen and enjoyed

We would love to hear from you. If you would like to get in touch to start the process of taking your CAREER to the next level

Our company was started by experts in business – who have an incredible wealth of experience when it comes to leading companies to enable them to develop and expand within their industries...

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